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  • Baños árabes- Ruta mediaval

    Arab baths in the main street of Santiago.
    During 2005, members of the Research Seminar on Early History and Archaeology ( GRESEPIA ) of the Rovira i Virgili University staged a series of archaeological work on the ground floor of a building located on the main street of Santiago , in the neighborhood Remolins .
    The development of this work identified a stratigraphic sequence from today reached to Andalusian period . In this sense , some contemporary Catalan adobe floors were documented , as well as two modern rafts related to industry and trade of oil. But the most significant finding was the structural remains of an Arab bath or hammam .
    There are three naves elongated ( about 11 meters long and 3.5 meters wide ), with a parallel arrangement and a number of common features : the use of lime mortar pinkish hue , covered with a barrel vault in which several openings ( luminaires) , at regular intervals , were observed with either function or respirators or lighting elements ; impervious paving stones , piping related to levels of use and attached to the walls with a drain functionality , presence of arches built with bricks, traces of displaced stone walls or remnants of noble elements such as , for example, jasper Film .
    This construction is dated between the eleventh and twelfth centuries , but you can not say whether it would be the area called bayt al- barid ( cold zone ) , bayt al- wastany ( temperate zone) and bayt al- sajun ( hot zone ) .

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